Job Description

The Groundskeeper of 3300 Fremont Avenue S is responsible for day-to-day operations. Responsibilities include those listed below as well as miscellaneous “site-level” tasks as assigned by the Property Manager. The Groundskeeper must also observe KRC policies and procedures, and model exceptional tenant conduct at all times.

  • Pick up litter, cigarette butts, sticks and abandoned junk daily.
  • Pull/spray weeds on a weekly basis in sidewalk cracks, around dumpster areas, mulch/rock beds and other areas where weeds are present.
  • Mow lawn weekly at 2.5-3.0 inches; “trim” lawn weekly; water lawn and I gardens as needed; rake leaves in the fall; edge sidewalks once a month.
  • Sweep and/or blow-vacuum sidewalks weekly after each mowing.
  • Prune flowers weekly.
  • Properly maintain and store lawn/garden and power equipment.
  • Water annual flowers when needed. Trim perennial flowers in the fall
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks, steps, paths, dumpster areas and garage door areas. Removal is to be done with use of snow blower, shovel, and scraper. Salt and sand is to be used rarely and only when necessary. All work is to be done prior to 7:00 AM
  • Monitor tenant compliance with policies and procedures, and report unusual problems, conflicts and incidents to Property Manager if necessary.
  • Attend required meetings at KRC Corporate office. Typically there is 1-2 per year

Compensation is given in a partial tax-free rent credit of $500 each month. Groundskeeper must live on-site at 3300 Fremont Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN

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