We are thrilled to announce that Kleinman Realty Co. has had several communities receive Opiniion Inc. Resident Choice Awards this year!

These recognitions are a direct correlation to the hard work our team puts in to providing outstanding experiences for our residents, and creating communities that residents are proud to call home.

The following properties at Kleinman Realty Co. reached these phenomenal benchmarks, out of the 2,856 properties evaluated:

The Fitz Flats

  • 271st Best Overall Property
  • 13th Best Move-In Property

First Place Apartments

  • 58th Best Move-In Property

Yale Place

  • 145th Best Move-In Property

Aquarius Apartments

  • 271st Best Move-In Property

Pillsbury Flats

  • 281st Best Move-In Property

Monadnock Apartments

  • 40th Best Move-Out Property

Norfolk Place

  • 190th Best Move-Out Property

YG Flats

  • 214th Best Move-Out Property

The Markham

  • 258th Best Move-Out Property

Huge thanks to our dedicated team of Property Managers, Resident Managers, Service Technicians, and Office Staff for their unwavering commitment, and to our wonderful residents for their continued support and trust!